Terms and conditions

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Crafting a delectable journey through the world of culinary arts requires a shared understanding of guidelines and expectations. Welcome to our Artisan Culinary School’s Terms and Conditions page, where we outline the harmonious partnership between our passionate instructors, dedicated team, and eager students. Here, you’ll find the essential framework that ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience as you immerse yourself in the artistry of gastronomy. We invite you to peruse these terms thoughtfully, as they reflect our commitment to fostering a vibrant and enriching culinary education. Your culinary adventure begins here, and we’re excited to embark on this flavorful voyage together.

What is included in the price of the all-inclusive courses?

The prices stated on our website for the all-inclusive culinary courses are per person at a single occupancy rate.

The price of each all-inclusive course includes the following:

  • Transport to and from Alicante–Elche Miguel Hernández Airport, IATA: ALC or Alicante Terminal (Alacant Terminal or RENFE train station) to the school by private motor coach. (If the student arrives at the Valencia Airport, the Artisan Culinary School will add a transport fee, and the price will depend on arrival/departure date, season, and time).
  • Full room and board for the duration of the course. All meals are included, with water and wine.
  • All lessons, theory and practical, as well as any visits or excursions described in the course itinerary.
  • Course booklet/manual, notepads, and pens.
  • Custom ACS chef’s jacket or work shirt (depending on the course) apron, and hat.
  • All coursework materials.
  • Access to the School’s online community.
  • Dinner out at a local restaurant (some courses, please check itineraries on our website).
  • Certificate of participation.

The price does not include the following:

  • Administrative procedures and travel visa costs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal shopping and personal expenses before, during, and after the course. Amongst many, these may be:
    • Hotel mini bar, snacks, and beverages.
    • Hotel telephone, fax, or paid internet service (other than the free Wi-Fi provided at the hotel and the school).
    • Pay-per-view TV service and movie rental.
    • Laundry and professional dry-cleaning services.
  • Meals and beverages not explicitly stated in the course itinerary, or those indicated by the school.
  • Tickets, access, and entrance fees, other than the ones specified in the course itinerary.
  • Transports and travel other than those clearly stated in the course itinerary.


By enrolling in any of our comprehensive courses, you acknowledge and confirm that you have attained a minimum age of eighteen (18) years. This acknowledgment signifies that you possess the legal right, capacity, and authority to engage in contractual agreements, which you will encounter upon signing up for specific courses.

As a commitment to transparency and accuracy, you agree to provide truthful, precise, and current information during the enrollment process. This ensures that the foundation of your culinary journey is built on reliability and trust.

When participating in our courses, you accept full responsibility and liability for your conduct and behavior. Your adherence to these standards not only maintains the integrity of our culinary community but also showcases your dedication to creating a constructive and respectful learning environment.

Enrollment policy

For your culinary journey to officially commence, we kindly request that the full payment for your chosen course be settled prior to its inaugural lesson. This financial arrangement solidifies your participation, ensuring an uninterrupted and enriching experience throughout your culinary exploration.

To maintain a transparent and organized process, a receipt for all payments made is your well-deserved privilege. Your financial commitment is recognized, valued, and duly acknowledged.

We understand that life’s recipe can sometimes call for adjustments. However, please note that enrollment fees for a specific course remain tied to that particular culinary experience. Regrettably, these fees are non-transferable, both to other courses and individuals, once the curtain has risen on the course start date.


Your comfort and experience matter to us, which is why all accommodations provided during our courses meet a minimum standard of 3-star quality, its equivalent, or higher. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your stay aligns with the exceptional quality of our culinary instruction.

However, in the rare instance that our course organizers determine an accommodation change is beneficial, rest assured that such decisions are driven solely by the desire to enhance the quality of your experience. Any alteration will be meticulously considered to uphold our commitment to excellence.

You’re a valued member of our culinary family, and your peace of mind is important. Should any change in accommodations become necessary, you will be promptly informed well in advance. Your comfort and satisfaction remain paramount, as we strive to provide you with an exceptional culinary journey in every aspect.

Administrative procedures and travel visas

For students hailing from select countries, a tourist visa might be requisite for entry into European or Spanish territories. In such cases, it’s imperative to obtain all requisite documentation from Spanish authorities at your country’s Consulates and Embassies.

Should your sojourn extend beyond 90 days on European soil, a long-stay visa becomes necessary for individuals from most nationalities. If the need arises, the Artisan Culinary School (ACS) stands ready to provide the necessary letters and our school’s legal documents, upon direct request from Spanish authorities.

We comprehend the significance of clarifications and inquiries on these matters. Should any uncertainties arise or questions linger, please feel free to connect via email at info@artisanculinaryschool.com or Your smooth and well-informed transition into our culinary community remains our priority.


In accordance with Spanish legislation, it is a requirement that all travelers possess adequate travel insurance or international health coverage. This safeguard ensures protection against unforeseen circumstances, encompassing medical treatment, repatriation, property loss, cancellation charges, and more. We cordially request that you furnish your insurance particulars, including your policy number, no later than 30 days before the commencement of the course.

As part of our commitment to your well-being, our company extends civil liability insurance (Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil) coverage to all students and companions during their time at the school. This coverage safeguards against accidents that may occur within the natural setting of a kitchen or a food lab. Notably, our partnership with the hotel and transportation company also ensures coverage through insurance.
It’s essential to underline that for our insurance coverage to apply, the incident must transpire within the school premises and during course hours, devoid of any malicious intent. Upholding the principle of utmost good faith serves as a linchpin for successful claims made by students. However, it’s important to note that our insurance does not extend coverage to preexisting conditions or instances of recklessness.
Your security and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us. We encourage you to thoroughly comprehend the intricacies of insurance coverage to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience throughout your culinary journey.

Important health and safety notice

Please be advised that health and safety protocols, guest conduct guidelines, and regional travel restrictions exhibit variability and are susceptible to alterations without prior notification. The dynamic nature of evolving health protocols may necessitate modifications to our itineraries.

If a student is compelled to discontinue their engagement in one or more of our courses due to unanticipated directives imposed by Spanish authorities or the authorities in their country of origin, our policy is to facilitate a refund of the student’s payment, with a nominal administrative fee deducted.

Force majeure

Please note that the Artisan Culinary School maintains the prerogative to reschedule, suspend, cancel, or terminate any courses, tours, guided visits, or activities encompassed within its itineraries. This action may be necessitated by extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances, such as war, civil disturbances, criminal activities, labor strikes, or any instance arising from acts of nature that hinder the Artisan Culinary School’s capacity to carry out its planned activities.

While these occurrences are beyond our control, we remain committed to upholding the safety and welfare of our participants. In the face of such unprecedented events, we will act with prudence and diligence to mitigate any disruption to your experience while adhering to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

ACS Certificates

We believe in recognizing and celebrating your commitment to the culinary journey, and this certificate symbolizes the culmination of your dedication to the art of gastronomy. Your active involvement and enthusiasm are acknowledged, ensuring that your experience with us is marked not only by learning but also by the gratification of accomplishment.

The ACS authorities reserve the right to deny the concession of any certificate if they deem the student does not meet the criteria or the requirements.

Certificates of Participation

Upon fulfilling the requirement of attending a minimum of 80% of the sessions within a particular course and receiving a positive assessment from the instructor(s), students are entitled to receive a participation certificate. This certificate, endorsed by both the school’s director and the instructors overseeing the lessons, serves as a testament to the student’s dedicated engagement and contribution to the course.

ACS Artisan Specialist Certificate

Upon the accomplishment of successfully participating in at least one course within each distinct ACS specialization area—comprising Basic Cooking and Pastry, Artisan Bread, Artisan Conserves, Artisan Meats, and Artisan Dairy and Cheese—students will be duly honored with the prestigious ACS Artisan Specialist certificate.

ACS Artisan Expert Certificate

An elite distinction awaits those exceptional students who demonstrate an unwavering commitment by enrolling in and completing all of ACS’s regular courses, and additionally excel in the rigorous Artisan Expert Comprehensive Test. This notable accomplishment earns them an exclusive invitation to be bestowed with the esteemed ACS Artisan Expert certificate, an honorary jacket as a symbol of their remarkable achievement, and an elegant gold ACS button.

In recognition of this extraordinary feat, the school’s records will meticulously chronicle this accomplishment, serving as a testament to your dedication and skill in the culinary arts. Furthermore, this remarkable achievement grants you the distinction of being offered an honorary role within ACS, a testament to your enduring commitment and profound influence within our culinary community. Your journey as an ACS Artisan Expert exemplifies the pinnacle of excellence and serves as an inspiration to fellow students and enthusiasts alike.

Student code of conduct and disciplinary sanctions

  1. Punctuality stands as a cornerstone of our operational ethos. We respectfully request all students to adhere to the designated start times for the commencement of lessons. Ordinarily, ACS activities commence at 08:00 h, though this timing may be subject to adjustment for specific sessions. In the event of such modifications, advance notification will be furnished to all students, with a lead time of no less than twenty-four hours. The same principle of notification applies to guided visits, excursions, and external dining experiences. For coordinated group activities, including guided visits, excursions, and dinners, the departure times shall be communicated by our staff. In the spirit of camaraderie and collective responsibility, we kindly implore your adherence to these times. Being punctual ensures the smooth progress of the group’s itinerary and avoids undue delays that could potentially impact pre-arranged reservations.Your punctuality is not just an expression of respect for your peers and the logistical flow of our activities; it’s a demonstration of your commitment to maximizing the value of your culinary experience. We appreciate your unwavering cooperation in upholding this fundamental aspect of our code of conduct.
  2. Uniform adherence is paramount to ensuring both your personal safety and the harmonious flow of our culinary environment. We extend a courteous request that you don the kitchen uniform thoughtfully provided by us, comprising the ACS chef jacket, a protective apron, and a requisite hat, for all culinary lessons. The prescribed attire shall also include long pants, preferably in black, along with anti-slip footwear, ensuring a secure and conducive environment for your culinary exploration. For activities beyond the kitchen—ranging from guided visits and excursions to dinners outside the school premises—the kitchen uniform is not a mandatory attire. We recognize the varied nature of our diverse activities and encourage your comfort while prioritizing safety within the kitchen setting.
  3. Demeanor: At our culinary school, we strongly emphasize the importance of maintaining the right attitude and having a respectful kitchen demeanor during teaching sessions. We believe that having a positive attitude and being respectful to one another is essential to creating an effective learning environment. We expect all students to display a sense of professionalism when interacting with instructors and fellow students. We also expect students to have a commitment to the craft of cooking and to bring their best selves to the kitchen every day. We believe that the right attitude and kitchen demeanor are essential to creating an effective learning atmosphere and will help our students to achieve success in their culinary endeavors.
    Any student found to be in violation of this code of conduct or contravening the core values upheld by the Artisan Culinary School, whether within or outside ACS premises, including potential involvement in criminal activities leading to the arrest or otherwise, is liable to face disciplinary measures.<
    This code of conduct holds universal applicability, encompassing all students across diverse scenarios, including courses, transportation, lessons, guided visits, excursions, and more. Upholding the tenets of this code safeguards the integrity of our culinary community, guaranteeing a constructive and respectful environment for all participants.

Prohibited Conduct at the Artisan Culinary School:

  • Unprofessional demeanor, encompassing offensive language, bullying, derogatory remarks, or disresphttps://artisanculinaryschool.com/terms-and-conditions/?et_fb=1&PageSpeed=off#ectful behavior.
  • Harassment, sexual misconduct, and any form of negative discrimination.
  • Actions detrimental to the school’s staff performance during lessons, meals, visits, excursions, transports, or any course-related instances.
  • Conduct jeopardizing one’s own or fellow students’ present and future course participation, or endangering the safety of anyone, including students, staff, or others.
  • Behavior causing a disturbance during quiet and courtesy hours, whether within or beyond ACS premises, including the hosting hotel.
  • Drugs and alcohol: Any student who violates our drug and alcohol policy will be asked to leave immediately and by their own means of transportation from ACS.
    • Drugs: Our commitment to a drug-free environment is unwavering. This entails a zero-tolerance stance towards drug-related activities, including possession, solicitation, sale, distribution, or usage of illegal substances or drugs within ACS premises. Possession of drug-related paraphernalia, involvement with legal substances used illegally, or being in proximity to drug-related activities is strictly prohibited on ACS property. Additionally, participation in illegal drug activity, whether leading to arrest on ACS grounds or beyond, is not tolerated. Neither the influence of drugs nor their presence is permitted within any ACS venue or property, including ACS-sponsored off-campus events.
    • Alcohol: Alcohol misuse is also strictly prohibited at the Artisan Culinary School. This encompasses the prohibition of alcohol consumption during lessons, guided visits, excursions, transports, and all course-related activities. Except for controlled wine or distillate tastings, consuming alcohol during lessons is not permissible. Engaging in inappropriate behavior involving alcohol, including public intoxication, is equally disallowed on ACS property. This policy extends to ACS-sponsored off-campus events.
    • Respect for Property and Law:
      • Property Integrity: Maintaining the utmost respect for ACS premises, property, the hosting hotel, and the personal belongings of ACS staff and fellow students is paramount. Vandalism, defacement, misuse, or infliction of damage to any of these elements is strictly prohibited.
      • Weapon Possession: The possession of any weapon capable of causing harm or inducing fear of harm is forbidden on ACS premises. This applies to any object deemed potentially harmful.
      • Legal Compliance: Adherence to all applicable local, regional, national, and international laws, as well as regulations, requirements, procedures, and policies, is mandatory. Any violation of these legal standards is deemed unacceptable within our educational community

Authority and Consequences

In steadfast commitment to maintaining the safety, welfare, and uninterrupted functioning of the Artisan Culinary School, the school’s authorities retain the prerogative to expel any student found in severe breach of this code of conduct. This authoritative measure is undertaken to safeguard the interests of our staff, fellow students, and property.

In such instances, the student will be promptly required to depart ACS grounds or the hosting hotel through their own means of transportation. Importantly, this decision stands as final and non-appealable. It is emphasized that no reimbursement, in any form, will be extended by ACS in these circumstances.

Contract termination

In the event that a student’s enrollment is suspended or terminated by the Artisan Culinary School on account of violations of these terms and conditions, or due to punitive measures imposed by the school’s authorities concerning inappropriate conduct, the student shall not be eligible for any form of reimbursement for payments made to the school, across any category. Furthermore, the student will be promptly required to vacate both the hosting hotel and the school premises independently.


By acknowledging and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you assume the responsibility to indemnify and safeguard us, our partners, and our employees against all claims, losses, demands, causes of action, and judgments. This extends to the provision of solicitor and attorney fees, as well as court costs, arising from any breach of this agreement, or these terms and conditions, by you.

You expressly concur to promptly reimburse our company for any losses, costs, or expenses incurred as a consequence of such breaches. This indemnification provision stands as a testament to our mutual commitment to upholding the terms and conditions established herein, fostering a fair and accountable partnership between you and our School.

Legal jurisdiction

The validity and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and any contracts signed under them are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain. In the event of any potential claims or disputes arising, they shall be directed exclusively against our company and adjudicated before the courts of the Kingdom of Spain. This jurisdictional framework reinforces transparency, consistency, and adherence to the legal framework underpinning our mutual obligations and commitments.