October Update

by Juan Penzini | Oct 31, 2023

Greetings from Altea!

October has been a busy month for us at the Artisan Culinary School, and as our first course dates approach, the excitement is palpable. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to:

Uniforms, Manuals, and More

Our courses are about to kick off, and we’re working hard to ensure everything is in place. The team is buzzing with energy, and the anticipation is building.

Our students will be donning stylish yet functional uniforms – we wanted the best for them. Every student who steps into our school will be equipped with a uniform tailored to their specific course, all provided by us. For artisan-focused disciplines such as meat transformation and charcuterie, cheese and dairy, and vegetable and seafood conserves, we’ve opted for practical long white coats paired with protective white aprons to ensure safety and style. Meanwhile, for our baking, pastry, and general cooking courses, we’ve curated classic white chef jackets complemented by white chest aprons. While the cost of the first uniform set is included in the course fee, we keep additional sets on hand at the school for those looking to purchase extra.

Also, we’re putting the finishing touches on our course manuals, ensuring they’re both informative and easy to follow. These course manuals are not just textbooks but comprehensive guides into every facet of our curriculum. They meticulously detail each course subject while also providing supplementary resources. This allows our students to delve deeper into topics, enhancing their understanding.

Quality ingredients are the foundation of delicious dishes. We’re particularly mindful of where our ingredients come from. As much as we can, we partner with local producers, tapping into the rich offerings of our rural surroundings. This not only supports our local community but also ensures that we’re getting some truly unique products that aren’t found just anywhere. Plus, we’re always on the hunt for intriguing ingredients. When we find something cool, we bring it into our courses and teach our students how to prepare and incorporate them into their dishes. It’s all about exploring, learning, and savoring the best of what’s around us.

A culinary journey goes beyond just the dishes or products we create. While we have full trust in our hosting hotel, we don’t leave anything to chance. We actively engage in the planning process with them to ensure our students’ experience is seamless from start to finish. After long, rewarding days in our lab, we recognize the importance of a restful retreat. So, we’ve taken extra steps to guarantee that our students have not only a clean and comfortable space to unwind but also an environment that meets our high standards in every way.

Exciting Collaborations Ahead

We’re beyond excited to share our collaboration with Clarissa Llenza of HOMECOOKING THERAPY. Clarissa isn’t just any partner; her vision aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality. Her passion for hosting and educating is evident, and we couldn’t be more honored to join forces for our upcoming food and wine tours.

Come next May, we have a captivating 10-day, 9-night food and wine journey that starts in Valencia and winds its way to Sevilla. Word’s out, and spots are filling up fast. But that’s not all. Just three days later, we embark on another unforgettable culinary adventure in Italy, starting in Napoli and culminating in Bari. Again, seats are limited, and they’re being snapped up quickly!

While these tours with Clarissa are creating a buzz, stay tuned! We’re in the process of crafting more food and wine tours with other esteemed partners for next year. Details will drop soon at our new Gourmet Getaways website.

But why do we organize these tours, you ask? Well, apart from our love for travel and the joy of sharing knowledge about these remarkable destinations, these tours play a vital role in supporting our research work at the school. Your participation helps us dive deeper into culinary innovation and keep the spirit of discovery alive.

As we develop our new headquarters, we’re engaging with prospective allies keen on becoming a part of our journey. These potential partners resonate deeply with our mission; they’re individuals with an enthusiastic belief in what our school stands for. Their passion for hospitality and culture mirrors ours, and together, we’re determined to make our shared vision a tangible reality. With their support, we’re set to enrich what Artisan brings to the table and elevate the entire experience.

Juan’s Literary Pursuits

On a side note, Juan is making strides in the literary world. He’s been in discussions with an agent about a project he’s passionate about. We’re all rooting for him!

In summary, October has been a month of progress, preparations, and partnerships. We can’t wait to embark on this culinary journey with you.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to the adventures ahead!

Warmly, The Artisan Culinary School Team

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