September 2023 update!

Sep 12, 2023

Greetings from beautiful Altea! We’re thrilled to give you an exciting update on the journey of establishing our culinary school from the ground up. It’s been an incredible adventure, filled with innovation, challenges, and inspiring moments. As we get closer to opening day, we’d like to share some insights into the process, our guiding principles, new business opportunities, and the remarkable support we’ve received along the way.

Navigating Bureaucracy with Ease

Here in Altea, where our culinary school is taking shape, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and responsiveness of the bureaucratic process. From the initial stages of obtaining permits and licenses to navigating regulatory requirements, the town’s authorities have been incredibly supportive. Their assistance and guidance have played a crucial role in helping us bring our vision to life. Kudos to the Ayuntamiento de Altea for being so helpful!

Collaborating with Local Partners

Building a culinary school isn’t just about classrooms and kitchens; it’s about forging strong partnerships within the culinary ecosystem. We’re proud to announce that we’ve established fruitful collaborations with local partners, including our hosting hotels, local transport providers, restaurants, vineyards, artisan producers, and more. We even have a very cool yoga studio partner here in town for our students! Our aim is that these partnerships will enrich our students’ experiences, providing them with opportunities to explore the diverse culinary landscape of our region.

A Warm Welcome from Future Students Worldwide

The most heartwarming aspect of our journey so far has been the enthusiastic response from future students around the world. Culinary enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and cultures have shown immense interest in our upcoming courses. Their eagerness to join us on this culinary adventure has been truly inspiring.

What’s even more exciting is that we’ve already seen a remarkable level of commitment from students representing nine different countries who have already signed up for our upcoming courses. Their enthusiasm fuels our dedication to providing them with a world-class education that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

However, as we review our applications, we’ve noticed a large gap on the map. Africa and Asia, where are you? We haven’t received any applications from you yet! (Here’s the deal: We love the thrill of discovering treasures like biltong, katsuobushi, kimchi, North African preserved lemons, and other delightful flavors from your regions.)

New business opportunities: putting our creativity to work

Since we arrived in Altea, we’ve discovered a treasure trove of opportunities. Our journey has led us to consider new and exciting niches that will enhance our culinary school experience. We plan to maximize the use of our new headquarters as much as we can.

Beyond our core all-inclusive courses, we will introduce a range of one and two-day-long Short Culinary Courses that cater to the diverse interests and time commitments of our local students. There is a very large population of English-speaking expats living in the area, not only in Altea but also in towns like Alfas del Pi, Benidorm, Calpe, Moraira, Villajoyosa, Xávea, and even as far as Alicante and Valencia. We will keep you posted when we open these courses in our academic calendar.

We’re also diving into the world of fine wines, spirits, and artisan products, and we have an exciting addition in store for you once our headquarters are up and running – the ‘Pro Food&Wine Tastings.’ Imagine this: You, us, and a table full of carefully selected charcuterie, artisan cheeses, and the most exquisite Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Greek olive oils. It’s a culinary adventure waiting to happen, guided by our team of experts. Speaking of experts, our General Manager, Mariana, is a certified sommelier trained by the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (Italian Sommelier Association). She loves unlocking the stories behind the most interesting wines, and she will be guiding you in professional wine tastings teaching all about local wines, wines coming from other Spanish regions, as well as French, Italian, German, and Portuguese wines.

Here’s a surprise for you – we’re thrilled to announce that our inaugural Culinary Getaways Food and Wine tour is already set for next May, with one of our partners and her group of enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the adventure. We are also planning on traveling with you in September/October 2024, and we are working on an amazing Northern Spain itinerary for 2025!

(But wait, there’s more! This upcoming weekend marks an important occasion as we meet with a new team of collaborators, with whom we will develop a new high-quality educational product and it will mark a brand-new chapter in our culinary school’s journey. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes, and soon it will be time for the big reveal. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for an announcement that puts the school closer to you. Our team’s excitement is building, and we can’t wait to share this surprise with you!)

Designing Logistics and Processes: Learning from Experience

In recent weeks, a significant portion of our time has been dedicated to crafting the intricate machinery that powers our school and the careful structuring of each of our courses. We’ve gotten valuable insights from our past achievements and the challenges we’ve conquered, channeling this wisdom into a meticulous blueprint for every facet of our institution, ranging from the intricacies of our curriculum to the thoughtful design of our culinary facilities. Our goal has been to sculpt an educational environment that offers a fluid, uninterrupted, and enriching learning journey for our students.

One of our core principles revolves around making every course a truly engaging and immersive experience. Time is of the essence, and we recognize its value. Hence, our approach is built on the foundation of efficient time utilization. We firmly believe that in the world of culinary arts, every moment counts, and wasting time is simply not an option. That is why every course, from the fundamental topics to the complexities of each discipline, has been meticulously planned to extract the maximum benefit from the time students invest. Whether it’s the structure of our lessons, the layout of our kitchen, or the integration of theory and practical application, every element has been carefully curated to ensure that students are actively learning, honing their skills, and gaining insights that are immediately applicable in their culinary journey. (But we are also planning on leaving time to have fun. Work hard, play hard. Right?)

Our commitment to efficiency is not about rushing through content; it’s about crafting experiences that are both meaningful and effective. We understand that the culinary world demands precision, and we mirror that precision in our educational approach. By optimizing time utilization, we give our students the opportunity to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, whether they’re pursuing a career in an artisan production laboratory or exploring the world of entrepreneurship.

Looking Ahead: A Promise of Excellence

As we near the start of our first course season, we are filled with hope and excitement for the programs we’ve designed with passion and dedication. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled culinary education remains unwavering.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Stay tuned for updates on our official launch and the amazing experiences we are prepared to offer.

Thank you all for your support, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our culinary school in Spain, where the future of culinary excellence begins.


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  1. Jeanne Hanson

    We cannot wait until you have a course for those of us who are “chef adjacent” (those who know chefs and respect what it takes to be a chef) and “foodies.” So we can learn about Spain’s history and culture through its cuisine.


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