About us

The Artisan Culinary School is a boutique culinary school based in Altea, in the Alicante province, the gastronomic heart of the Comunidad Valenciana. Our work focuses on general European gastronomic culture, specific culinary crafts, and specialty artisan products. The school offers full immersion one-week and twoweek all-inclusive specialized courses for artisans, farmers, food professionals, culinary and pastry arts students, entrepreneurs, and food lovers. Our areas of expertise and work are: artisan cured meats and meat preserves; artisan cheese & dairy production; artisan fruit & vegetable conserves; artisan seafood preserves; artisan bread making; and artisan pastry and frozen dessert production.

Three times per year, during the spring and the autumn, we organize our Gourmet Getaways tours, alternating between four European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy. Our tours are 9 to 14-day all-inclusive excursions for up to 20 guests. The tours include cooking lessons and guided visits to vineyards, cheese makers, markets, museums, and art galleries.

The Artisan Culinary School was born as a dream more than a decade ago. The project originates from its founders’ vocation of service and love for knowledge and education. Juan Penzini and Mariana Brewer start their culinary education training as professional cooks, and from that starting point, each has been fine-tuning their inclinations. Mariana specializes in hospitality and service, and Juan trains and teaches students in technical culinary disciplines and gastronomic culture.

Both Juan and Mariana combine several years of invaluable work experience, successfully leading service teams of up to 125 staff in the restaurant industry, teaching at international culinary schools, and providing gastronomic consultancy services to clients in the primary and secondary sectors. In those years, they have acquired immeasurable experience in the field, educating and training more than 500 people for kitchen and front-of-the-house service. Mariana and Juan currently serve and have recently dealt with students and clients from more than 45 countries. They achieve that experience only with the complicity of a couple that successfully keeps working together.


Every step its founders have taken in those more than ten years give origin to the Artisan Culinary School.

Core Values

We pledge to excellence

We achieve excellence in everything we do.

Core Values

We inspire

We inspire our students, rather than merely teaching.

Core Values

We are objective

A=A: We foster an objective, open-minded relationship between our staff, students, and the world.

Core Values

We are accountable

We verify the integrity and authority of our teaching staff.

Core Values

We push ourselves forward

We actively pursue the personal and professional growth of our staff and clients.

Core Values

We are respectful

We treat all our ACS members fairly and with dignity.

Core Values

We refute wastefulness

Artisans transform, enhance, and preserve. Wasting resources is not in our nature.

Core Values

We take the first step

We pioneer new techniques and technology in the quest for providing the highest quality artisan product.

Core Values

We are community builders

We improve our relations with artisans and farmers alike to better understand and appreciate the origins of the food we consume.

Our mission

At the Artisan Culinary School, our mission is to inspire through education.
By organizing meaningful experiences for artisans, farmers, entrepreneurs, food lovers, and culinary professionals, we aim to spread and promote the best of Western Civilization’s cultural patrimony.

Our vision

We aim to become a global educational reference centre for food artisans.